Gus Gus - Mexico


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New full-length from iconic Icelandic band Gus Gus. Band member Birgir Thorarinsson already prepared for the task at hand with the production of John Grant's brilliant 2013 full-length offering 'Pale Green Ghosts', an electronic songwriting milestone and the ideal training ground for Mexico. After nearly 20 years of service at the forefront of the international electronic dance community, the legendary Icelandic band commands an impressive amount of followers - and rightly so. 'Mexico' is a hugely satisfying follow-up to past exploits and another step into the future of anthemic pop music. Gus Gus are dead set on maintaining the towering might of their songwriting, infusing the new album with the same luster as their earlier work, but presenting the deed with the snappiness and intricate production values needed for contemporary debauchery. From opening anthem 'Obnoxiously Sexual' to the existentialist shuffle of closing ballad 'This is What You Get When You Mess With Love' this album leaves no stone unturned on its journey to sonic bliss, delving ever deeper into its timeless melodies with every subsequent track.