Yann Tiersen - Infinity


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Conceived in Iceland, and in Ushant Island, Brittany, '∞ (Infinity)' was produced by Yann Tiersen and mixed by Gareth Jones with Yann Tiersen and Daniel Miller. For this album Tiersen has worked with native language speakers to include tracks sung and spoken in Breton ('Ar Maen Bihan'), Faroese ('Gronjord') and Icelandic ('Steinn'). 'Ar Maen Bihan' is a story written by Emilie Quinquis in the Breton language, and was then translated by Amiina to Icelandic to create the track 'Steinn'. Elsewhere on the album Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap) and Olavur Jakupsson (a member of Tiersen's live band) both contributed tracks on the same theme - stones - Moffat's in English and Jakupsson's in Faroese.

2 x LP